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Daytop International was established in 1984 in response to the overwhelming demand for Daytop’s drug and alcohol treatment services from countries around the world. At that time, Daytop International was a modest operation. Over the years, it has grown into a major division of Daytop.


The growth of Daytop International has been impressive, but not without challenges. Each country is unique and it is careful to adapt the Daytop model of treatment to their respective cultures. Its main goal is improving the quality of life by freeing people from the bonds of addiction.


In 1991, Daytop International entered into an agreement with the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL), to provide training and technical assistance to countries around the globe.Over the last 27 years, Daytop International has successfully trained staff and launched programs in over 60 countries around the world.


Through its international training, technical assistance, and internship programs, the affiliation with the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement and over 200 government and non-government organizations, Daytop International has been able to fulfill its mission of spreading the Daytop model throughout the world and helping drug programs adapt best-practices in the field of treatment.

International Training Program
Daytop International provides a comprehensive training in the self-help model of substance abuse rehabilitation. The model’s flexibility has made it adaptable to a wide range of cultural settings and was found useful in both residential and outpatient drug programs. The training offered by Daytop International is designed to provide facilities around the world with the information and tools necessary to run their programs, specific to the cultural and treatment needs of their clients and existing infrastructure of their settings.

The training program provides balanced didactic and experiential approaches, designed to foster the ability of participants to effectively translate theoretical information into practical applications. Daytop International trainers also assist government officials and local medical and mental health professionals design a comprehensive national substance abuse treatment plan.

In Peru  this training program has been evaluated in large scale outcome studies and has been demonstrated to be effective in improving counselor drug counseling skills, treatment outcomes, and increasing productive activities of clients following treatment. The “whole person approach” is used, addressing the physical, psychological, moral, educational, social, and vocational aspects of recovery from addiction to drugs and other substances. Over the years, Daytop International has grown to become an intricate part of the Daytop approach to substance abuse treatment.

Technical Assistance
Besides its trademark training on treatment and rehabilitation, Daytop International has established a reputation for providing technical assistance to government and non-government drug agencies. It has assisted community-based as well as criminal justice drug treatment programs in several countries develop a well-structured program along the lines of the Daytop model for adult males, women, and adolescents. It provides consulting and direct assistance to improve existing programs and adapt best-practices in treatment above and beyond the TC approach.  Regional federations of therapeutic communities have sought the assistance of Daytop International design scientific programs for regional and international conferences on drug treatment.  

Internship Program
The history of Daytop International internship program began in the early 1970s. By this time news of the successes of the Daytop program began to spread around the world. The emerging drug problems among nations during the 1970s and 1980s prompted numerous international government and non-government organizations to take interest in theDaytop model as a better alternative to the programs they have in their countries.

Soon foreign drug treatment professionals began traveling to DaytopVillage in New York to live in Daytop treatment facilities ranging from a few weeks to even a year of stay. There was no formal structure or curriculum during the early internship program. One learns by simply immersing himself as a resident in the program and participates as a full member in all daily activities. The learning was by doing in a largely experiential process.

The INL worldwide drug demand reduction contract with Daytop International for the past 20 years has put Daytopon the world map. Numerous beneficiaries of this INL program also made their way to Daytop to attend its internship program.

To date, Daytop International has provided internship training to thousands of drug and mental health professionals, including government drug control, criminal justice, and health officials, from over 50 countries around the world. Many of them have returned to their countries and founded highly successful drug programs utilizing what they learned from Daytop.

The International Team
The Daytop International team provides complete training consultation services, from needs assessment to the development and delivery of training, technical assistance for program implementation,and evaluation. This team of highly qualified training professionals each has an average of 35 years in the field of drug treatment. They travel to sites around the world, working with local program administrators, regulatory bodies, and frontline staff. The International team utilizes clinical program directors from the Daytop programas adjunct faculties whenever a foreign program is deemed to benefit from the sharing of their expertise in specialized areas. Daytop International also hosts foreign interns at its training sites in the US, providing extensive educational, hands-on clinical practice, and supervision opportunities.

The Daytop International team is led by Mr. Aloysius Joseph, Vice President for Daytop International. Affectionately known as AJ, Mr. Joseph has been in the field of International substance abuse and rehabilitation for more than 35 years. He has trained clinical counselors in 43 countries, and assisted in the formation of many treatment programs around the world. AJ manages the world-wide Drug Demand Reduction contract with the U.S. Department of State and consults for government and non-government agencies on the implementation of treatment programs. Mr. Joseph holds an MS in Public Administration from Audrey Cohen College of Human Services,NY.

Mr. Frederick Loke, Assistant Vice President, Daytop International, brings more than 35 years of experience in the field of drug treatment to the team. He has a Master’s degree in Public Administration at the College of Human Services,NY. Like the rest of the team, Fred is a seasoned trainer with a credential of having worked as Daytop International Regional Director in Asia based in Thailand for four years and has also brought the Daytop International training to more than 35 countries as trainer, consultant, and technical expert. He oversees the International training and internship operations.  He has worked in both residential program as a clinician and supervisor, including several years of work as outpatient clinician at Daytop before he moved to Daytop International. 

Dr. Fernando Perfas, CASAC, Director of the Daytop International Training Academy, is tasked with developing the International business by diversifying training operations and money-earning activities through new training offerings and enhancing current training curricula. Ferdie brings 40 years of experience in the field of drug treatment and training in various clinical and administrative capacities in Daytop as well as Phoenix House. He has worked as a clinician both in the residential and outpatient operations of Daytop before joining Daytop International. Like AJ and Fred, he has been involved in the domestic and overseas training operations of Daytop International for many years.  He has published three books on the therapeutic community.  

Ms. Cathy Liang, Administrative Assistant, Daytop International, provides a needed complement to the team with her Master’s degree in Business Administration. She brings with her important business experiences. 

International Partnerships
Daytop International has recently entered a partnership with the ClinicaNossaSenhoraAparecida of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil that gave birth to Daytop-Rio, a  modern private clinic that provides residential treatment for drug-dependent clients, including those with co-occurring psychiatric conditions.  This is the culmination of ClinicaNossa’s venture into a therapeutic community based on the Daytop Model that brought better treatment outcomes for its program. Convinced that the road to better treatment services and expansion of operations is through a partnership with Daytop International, Clinical Nossa made a landmark decision to join Daytop as a partner. 

Although Daytop International has been considered a partner by many international drug programs, at least unofficially, which helped them develop their treatment services, the official and legal partnership with ClinicaNossa is a ground-breaking initiatives towards financial stability.

Daytop International Training Academy (DITA)
Headed by Dr. Fernando Perfas, the Daytop International Training Academy is another effort by Daytop International to increase its funding base.  Building on Daytop International’s highly successful and popular training on the therapeutic community, DITA is branching out into other avenues of what it does best, domestic and international training and consulting.  It is building credible capabilities in providing training beyond the TC technology through a menu of offerings of training on best practices in the field of drug treatment.  It is engaged in developing new markets for its training and internship program in Asia and Latin America.